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Leadership Training

Looking for answers? Character development is the answer to many problems faced by corporate leaders today. The CHARACTER FIRST!® Leadership Training provides management personnel with the training they need to make the paradigm shift to a character-based emphasis. Here are some of the reasons your company should get involved:

  • Renew your vision to build lasting relationships
  • Discover proven principles that minimize personnel challenges
  • Experience the power of recognizing character in others
  • Find out what employees really want from their jobs
  • Learn how to encourage character growth in yourself and others

Click here to find out more about the CHARACTER FIRST!® Leadership Training

Leadership Workshops
The level of character in your leadership team will ultimately determine the success of your character initiative. Management workshops are available for your leadership team that build on the principles communicated in the CHARACTER FIRST!® Leadership Training. Click here to view a complete list of available topics.

Employee Training
Provide training for employees that mirrors the character training given to leadership. This will provide valuable information applicable both at work and at home. It will also help encourage employee buy-in to the organizations character initiative.

Employee Meetings
Include a presentation in your existing all-employee meetings that highlights your character focus. If an all-employee meeting is a new concept for your organization, CCI can help you put this meeting together.

Support Material
The CHARACTER FIRST!® Bulletin reinforces the monthly character focus and provides practical insight on how to apply character on the job and at home. Click here for more information about a subscription for your organization.

An in-depth organization-wide character focus can include additional resources and a number of other concepts (such as character-based policy manual and mission statement). CCI can sit down with your leadership and help you determine how deeply you want to see your character initiative go and help you reach that goal. There is a wealth of knowledge gleaned from assisting other organizations that is available to help make CHARACTER FIRST!® work for your organization. E-mail our office if you would like to set-up a consultation.


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