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A specific emphasis on positive qualities of character could very well be the most profitable employee concept available to businesses and organizations today. No matter how knowledgeable and well trained your staff is in the operations of your organization, they will be more effective when they begin to connect character issues to their day-to-day workplace decisions.

You can emphasize character in Business by:

  • Providing specialized character training for your organizational leadership
  • Being an example of good character both on and off the job
  • Reinforcing the character message with support materials and employee character meetings.

You can require character in Business by:

  • Designing company policies that encourage each employee to demonstrate good character
  • Hiring new employees based on proven character qualities, not just their level of skill and ability
  • Disciplining policy infractions by addressing the root character issues.

You can recognize character in Business by:

  • Praising the character qualities that motivate successful achievement
  • Recognizing each employee publicly for a positive demonstration of character
  • Demonstrating by emphasis the connection between good character and company success.

A business of character is one in which the organization leadership models the good character they require in the decisions and behavior of their staff. It is also an organization where character is placed on a higher level than achievement. When you begin to recognize staff members and employee for their good character, they will in turn demonstrate more of the same. This will not only benefit your organization; it will benefit the employees and their families as well.

There are a number of training and implementation possibilities for businesses and organizations. Levels of implementation are developed for every budget category and company size. We will work with your organization to find out how you can most effectively put character first as you emphasize, require, and recognize good character in your employees.


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