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For valuable resources on applying character in the faith community, click to check out the faith section of the Character Council of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky website.

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The faith community is a vital component in our day-to-day lives. The motivation to study character from God's perspective will give us strength in dealing with daily struggles and encourage us to good deeds motivated by love for others. The Character Council of Indiana hopes to assist individuals and leaders in modeling godly character as an example to a needy world.

Studying character from God's perspective reveals the true deficiencies of the natural man and points to the Source of lasting results. Strengthening the spiritual inner man produces the power to maintain godly character.

Throughout the writings of the Apostle Peter, we can find an emphasis on godly character. In one section, Peter listed nine foundational character qualities and demonstrated how they build on each other. Demonstrating these qualities are key to a fruitful life.

Diligence Faith Virtue Wisdom Self-Control
Patience Godliness Compassion Benevolence  

You can emphasize character in the FAITH COMMUNITY by:

  • Teaching character as a step to successful families and communities
  • Modeling character as an example to other
  • Championing character efforts throughout the community.

You can require character in the FAITH COMMUNITY by:

  • Communicating positive and negative character as issues of right and wrong
  • Choosing leadership because of their character and integrity
  • Addressing character flaws and providing the counsel necessary for restoration.

You can recognize character in the FAITH COMMUNITY by:

  • Showing gratefulness to the many individuals who work to make your fellowship a success
  • Highlighting individuals within the fellowship who are demonstrating good character in adversity
  • Rewarding children and youth for spiritual disciplines and service motivated by character.



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