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Strengthening families is CCI's primary focus. The reason to highlight character in the classroom, on the job, and through the media is simply to reinforce positive character in the family. A community is only as strong as its weakest family.

You can emphasize character in Families by:

  • Learning how to apply basic character qualities to family relationships
  • Recognizing that the biggest influence on an individual's character is his or her family unit
  • Making use of family-oriented character resources.

You can require character in Families by:

  • Addressing issues with children from a character perspective instead of an authoritarian perspective
  • Teaching children how to choose their friends based on character
  • Disciplining attitudes of poor character before they lead to wrong actions or activities.

You can recognize character in Families by:

  • Looking for opportunities to praise good character, not just to correct character flaws
  • Honoring a child for his or her character in front of friends and relatives
  • Pointing your child's attention to public figures who are consistent examples of good character.

Family life has a lot more to do with success then most people realize. Character training begins in the home, whether it is deliberate or not - children learn by their parent's example. Family life provides an excellent forum for developing traits such as diligence, truthfulness, and orderliness on a daily basis. A person's true character is revealed in the home more than anywhere else.

The International Association of Character Cities™ has developed a valuable resource in helping to build character families. "Achieving True Success: How to Build a Character Family" includes a step-by-step outline of how to make character-building a team effort. Each character quality is defined, illustrated, and applied to daily living. This book also includes a "Family of Character" resolution that can be removed from the back and signed by each family member. This resolution is suitable for framing.

The Character Family idea presents a new perspective on daily life focused around developing positive character, and, thereby, building the success of your family.

Many organizations have purchased these for every employee as a Christmas gift or new-employee orientation and welcome gift. Many organizations are using their company training time to focus on family issues. CCI has had the opportunity to go into several companies and speak to the leadership and employees about the value of applying character with their families. The value of this training has been demonstrated by the phone calls some of these companies receive from family members thanking the company for providing training that strengthens families. Click here to download a printable topic list. This list is updated periodically.


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