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Presenting Character
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Presenting Character in Your Local Community

Our goal is to assist you in becoming known as a City of Character.

Character City initiatives are built upon the commitment of local community leaders to influence their community for good. Our opportunities to support local communities have developed from the initiative just such individuals who have set up meetings with their city government. CCI is prepared to partner with a local leader and to share proven methods on how to emphasize, require, and recognize good character. We are ready to assist in developing a strategy to implement character in your community.


Planning and executing a successful local presentation

Before the meeting:
>> Find suitable facility
>> Market to key community leaders

At the meeting:
>> CCI will discuss why a specific character focus is needed
>> CCI will outline a plan of action for implementing character within city government and the community

After the meeting:
>> Follow-up with attendees
>> Move towards forming a local character council




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