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Teaming up with CCI

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Teaming up with CCI

Without individual commitments, endorsing organizations, donors and committed media, the Character Council's mission might go unfulfilled.

The introduction of good character qualities into the lives of your business associates, your fellow community members - everybody - helps to create a community of pride, of caring and of citizenship. By joining the efforts of the Character Council you'll be part of making the state of Indiana a better place for all of us.

Become an Endorsing Organization
You do not have to undertake or complete each of the steps below, nor must you do one or more in any particular order.

  1. Attend the Character Leadership Breakfast held monthly at the Indianapolis Training Center to find out more.
  2. Pledge to support the Character Quality of the Month within your organization.
  3. If you're not currently implementing a systematic character program, consider training upper level management in a program such as CHARACTER FIRST!® This is recommended because it directly parallels our initiative. Trainers in CHARACTER FIRST!® provide open and on-site day-long training for businesses and organizations. See the training schedule.
  4. Encourage other organizations to consider a character focus.

Financial Support
CCI is a 501(c)(3) organization. We are funded by proceeds from training events and by the tax-deductible gifts of individuals and organizations. Please call our office to find out about projects that could benefit from your financial assistance.


you could sponsor a class to receive character education material.

provide a scholarship for someone to attend a training event


you could sponsor a monthly Character Leadership Breakfast.




Volunteer Opportunities
Represent CCI at exhibits and displays during special events, such as the Character Leadership Breakfast, a CHARACTER FIRST!® Training, or at other annual conventions at which we participate. There are also a number of opportunities to simply donate your time to assist with administrative responsibilities at the CCI office. We will do what is necessary to accommodate whatever time commitment you can make. If you have ideas to share, talents and time to lend and the dedication to help assist in character development throughout our communities, please call our office at (317) 543-4870. You can also contact us online and indicate your willingness to volunteer.


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