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Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers with good character are essential for earning community trust. A prevalence of good character reclaims "criminal strongholds" by overcoming the fear, apathy, and tolerance for crime that allow them to flourish. A community has only as much crime as its citizens will tolerate.


Sheriff Ray Nash

Sheriff Ray Nash of Dorchester County, South Carolina is a twenty-one year veteran of law enforcement. Internationally recognized as a leading expert on community policing, he has successfully implemented a character-training program in his office that recognizes success based on character. This program has reduced crime and increased the community's trust in his officers. Leaders from across America and other countries have asked Sheriff Nash to share his keys to success.

Sheriff Nash has designed a one-day training for Law Enforcement entitled "Police Dynamics." (Click form at right to view registration information).

In-service training is also available for civilian employees working within law enforcement agencies. In addition to many of the CHARACTER FIRST!® modules, this training includes sessions on conflict resolution, combating procrastination, and applying specific character qualities at work and at home.



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