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Report on Character Training at the Marion County Superior Court, Juvenile Division
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Corrections personnel with good character are a vital resource in the successful rehabilitation of criminals. Therefore, corrections administrators must understand how to hire men and women of character and maintain good working relationships with them throughout their time of service. Because many of these issues are related to character, corrections personnel have the potential to receive more benefit from it than many other industries. You can view our calendar of upcoming open trainings or click here to contact our office about scheduling an on-site training.

A number of facilities throughout Indiana have already taken advantage of the CHARACTER FIRST!® Leadership Training. Below are just a few comments from some of these individuals:

  • Judge - "This training can make you a better employer, employee, spouse, parent, friend and person."
  • Probation Officer - "It was very interesting and it made sense. Dealing with either the family or the people at work (probationers included) can benefit from this information."
  • Corrections Major - "It was an enlightening, new avenue of approach."
  • Personnel Officer - "I feel that, by using the information provided, I will be able to more effectively respond to my employees."
  • Juvenile Magistrate - "[The training] helps to point out valuable tools that we have to make the workplace a positive and productive place."



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