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From its inception, the Character City concept was designed as a vehicle to help government leaders be successful. Our goals are to primarily to help them succeed in their role as models of good character. We also want government leaders to take responsibility for the moral well-being of the families and individuals under their jurisdiction. Finally, we want them to be able to solve the problems they face every day by targeting the character issues at the root of each problem.

You can emphasize character in Government by:

  • Training key officials and department heads in character-based business and relationship principles
  • Utilizing the public exposure of a government position to promote and encourage good character
  • Supplying character resources to government employees and their families.

You can require character in Government by:

  • Establishing city ordinances and legislation that are built on principles of character
  • Highlighting the need for character in public officials
  • Tactfully addressing city issues that stem from a lack of character.

You can recognize character in Government by:

  • Publicly highlighting individual citizens and groups for demonstrating good character
  • Printing character messages on paper and electronic communications
  • Including the city's character emphasis in key speeches and at public events.


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