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Television Public Service Announcements
Notes from the Media Workshop held at the 2001 Building Cities of Character Conference
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Awareness may be the most necessary concept in a Character City effort. It is vital that you involve your local media because they can maximize the awareness of character throughout the community. An effective media campaign plays a major role in both the initiation and the perpetuation of your Character City effort.

You can emphasize character in MEDIA by:

  • Providing local media with an understanding of a citywide character effort
  • Finding individuals of high character to highlight character through various media outlets
  • Linking them with local character efforts which they can publicize:

You can require character in MEDIA by:

  • Outlining the city's character expectations in print and on TV
  • Looking for people with a reputation of good character to fill key media positions
  • Taking the initiative to condemn poor character that would be otherwise tolerated by an apathetic community.

You can recognize character in MEDIA by:

  • Broadcasting recognitions of character to the entire community
  • Reporting on individuals who are influencing the community for good because of their positive character
  • Giving exposure to character-based policies in government and to public figures who are showing good character.

In September of 1999, Comcast Cablevision of Indianapolis initiated a relationship with CCI. Over the next three months, we hammered out a Public Service Announcement program to promote the character quality of the month. This program kicked into gear in January of 2000. Since that time Comcast has made a significant financial contribution in production and airtime to promote character on each of their 30+. Comcast has now agreed to make these PSA's available to other communities. If you have a local television station that would like to make use of this opportunity, please call our office.

The Comcast example is just one of many ways that character can be promoted through the media. TV, radio, newspapers, billboards, and city welcome signs are just a few simple ways that are already available in most communities.

There are already a number of resources developed that can be implemented in a Character City. Many times, however, it is local creativity that makes the media campaign unique and effective. We want to hear about the creative methods your community uses to effectively promote character.



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