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Character First® Leadership Training


The CHARACTER FIRST! Leadership Training is designed for organization leaders and executives, human resource personnel, managers, and supervisors. A number of organizations also send their management prospects in order to communicate the level of importance the organization places on character.

This one-day seminar presents powerful yet practical insights on how to promote character within your organization. This training has regular participation from business leaders, school administrators, teachers, city and county government employees, members of law enforcement, corrections personnel, and members of faith communities. The training is offered every five to six weeks in Indianapolis. Dates are also scheduled for other communities around Indiana. Join the many organizations throughout Indiana in putting character first!

Some of the topics covered in the CHARACTER FIRST! Leadership Training are:

  • How to minimize hiring pitfalls by using a character-based employment process
  • How to identify and deal successfully with your most challenging personnel problems
  • How to discipline employees and restore problem employees by effectively dealing with root issues
  • How to improve communication and prevent conflict between leadership and employees
  • How to give public recognition to ALL employees based on their demonstration of character

Once upper management has evaluated the training and determined to move ahead with specific implementation, CCI is available to come on-site and provide the CHARACTER FIRST! Training to your leadership. You can view our calendar of upcoming open trainings or click here to contact our office about scheduling an on-site training.



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