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Employee Training

Training in character is just as valuable for front line staff as it is for leadership. The CHARACTER FIRST!® Employee Training is an opportunity for leadership to communicate to the staff that character is indeed paramount to the standards and success of the organization. In the employee training, we attempt to provide an understanding as to why your organization has implemented this program. CCI also provides training that can be applied to relationship issues both on and off the job.

CHARACTER FIRST!® Employee Training
The following topics are addressed from the employees perspective:

  • Why our organization is using CHARACTER FIRST!®
  • How to build character
  • How to effectively praise character
  • How to make an appeal
  • How to resolve conflicts
  • How to apply specific character qualities at work and at home
    (This includes Gratefulness, Orderliness, and Parental Loyalty)

Employee Meetings
Highlighting character in as many ways as possible will help to insure buy-in to your new efforts from everyone in the organization. A monthly employee meeting is an excellent way to communicate your character emphasis to everyone. Character presentations are available that support the Character Quality of the Month and are ideal for employee meetings. CCI is also available to give these presentations. However, they are designed for company leadership to present as well.

Click here to contact our office about scheduling an on-site employee training or to include a character presentation at your all-employees meeting.


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