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Character Workshops


As you uphold the standard of good character in your organization, it is wise to continually equip your leadership and employees with new ideas on how to apply specific character qualities to the work environments for which they are responsible. CCI provides a number of topical management and employee workshops that use character qualities as a basis for problem solving and effective leadership. We also custom create workshops at the request of organizational leadership as they observe specific areas that will benefit from a character-based approach. Below is a list of training topics available through CCI. This list is updated periodically. Click on the links below to view workshops that best addresses your situation.



Keys to a Motivated Workforce

Motivate your workforce by using the techniques of a servant leader and focusing on the needs of your employees. (60 - 90 min) ~ OR ~ Servant Leadership only (30 min.)

Keys to a Dedicated Workforce

Learn the value of loyalty and faithfulness to priorities, both personally and professionally, regardless of changing conditions. (60 min)

Preventing Burnout by Reducing Stress

Stress is very misunderstood in today's workplace. Learn to recognize and deal with internal and external stressors (60 min)

Authority in the workplace

Find out how to motivate and maintain loyalty in your employees and encourage a proper response to authority. (30 min ~ 60 to 90 min with The Appeal Process, Video)

Wisdom vs. Foolishness

Does knowledge equal power? Learn why knowledge is not enough for wise leadership and how yo can apply the best use of knowledge to make wise decisions. (30 min)

Advanced Personnel Issues

Learn how to hire and retain people with character and how to conduct exit interviews that are useful and maintain relationships (60 min - Requirement: Character Based Hiring)

Servant Selling

Selling with a servant's mind set puts your organization in a win-win-win situation. (3 to 4 hrs)

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Anger resolution

Anger will never be conquered if we justify it, explain it away, or blame others for it. Conquering anger is attainable when we take personal responsibility. (30 - 60 min)

Gratefulness: Acknowledging Your Benefactors

Gratefulness is recognizing how the efforts of others have benefited my life and making known to them how greatly I value their kindness. (30 min)

The Untapped Power

The average executive wastes 45 minutes a day searching for something lost on a desk. Learn practical ways to build orderliness in leadership and staff. (30 min)

Conflict Resolution

Learn the keys to avoiding conflicts, restoring the relationship once conflict has occurred, and forgiving no matter what the outcome. (60 min)

Overcoming Procrastination

How to overcome a major destroyer of successful organizations by improving tempo. (30 - 45 min)

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Parental Loyalty

Learn what to do and what not to do when children rebel and how to win a child’s heart when it appears you may lose it forever.

Developing Contentment at Home

True happiness is not hindered by material conditions. Find out the important factors in obtaining and maintaining happiness, hope and harmony in the home.

Building Businesses by Building Families

Employees who live by positive principles create successful businesses. Discover foundational principles of life that span from the home to the work environment.

Lessons on Fatherhood from Nature

Discuss applications from the life of elephants to successful parenting and find out what men (and wives) learn about how being a real man from the King of the Jungle.

Shepherding a Child’s Heart

Learn how to take an inside view of the heart of your child and how to understand the shaping influences that contribute to the future of your child.

Seven Basic Needs of Today's Youth

Discover the roots to every basic need in the lives of today's young people and find out how these needs can be met on both an individual and family level.


Find out how respect differs from honor and how the proper application of both can lead to successful relationships with authority.

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