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Here's what people are saying about Character First!


  • CFO - "I recently spent an evening in training that centered on performance appraisal. This [training] takes it to the next level. I think the focus on character is right on course for what we need to enhance our society, our homes, and our workplace."
  • Paralegal - "This seminar is not a boring 'how-to' seminar. It really makes you think about your own character and how to express it to benefit your employees. Very interesting!"
  • Customer Service Rep - "If you want to succeed and make your company succeed, attend to learn how to be more of a team player and work together as a unit."

Health Care

  • Hospice Coordinator - This was time well spent! It may seem like 'common sense,' but often we are so busy in our lives that we forget the 'simple' truths."
  • Dietary technician - "Excellent! I have never been to a work-related seminar that has helped me to recognize how my character can effect me at home and on the job helping me to be a better worker, mother, sister, etc. Steve is and excellent facilitator."
  • Registered Nurse - "Excellent. If I had this knowledge a few years ago ad head nurse in CCU, I would probably still be in that position today."


  • Principal - Understanding our own character, the impact of our model (example), and the enormity of the task is imperative. You give wonderful, concrete 'handles" to the abstract concepts of character."
  • Community Relations Director - "This is not something we should 'add.' This is the way we should conduct business on a daily basis."
  • Special Education Teacher - "This training has helped me learn how to praise my students for their character rather than for their achievements."


  • Prosecutor - "The materials made me think about management principles from a more constructive mindset."
  • City Superintendent - "I particularly liked the 49 character qualities. It gives definite words to describe people and their actions."
  • Chaplain - "Very worth while presentation that will change your company, your life, and your family for the betterment of society."

Law Enforcement

  • Sheriff's Deputy - "The seminar is very well prepared and organized. The speaker knows the material and uses examples very well."
  • Building Deputy - "Outstanding material. Very appropriate to combat many of the stresses and pressures on our department members as individuals and families."
  • Victim Assistance Staff - "Very good. East to understand, yet very comprehensive. This seminar addresses the real roots of unsuccessful living."


  • Judge - "This training can make you a better employer, employee, spouse, parent, friend and person."
  • Probation Officer - "It was very interesting, and it made sense. Dealing with either the family or the people at work (probationers included) can benefit from this information."

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