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A Message from CCI's Founder, Steve Becker

"Strengthening families."


In 1996, these two words jumped off a brochure inviting me to attend my first Character First Leadership Training. The training made a significant impact on my life both personally and professionally, so much so that I quickly decided our company needed to pursue it as a training option for both leadership and employees.

Following the on-site training, our managers began to discuss how their families could benefit from this new understanding of character and how it relates to skills. For example, attentiveness, showing the worth of a person or task by giving my undivided attention, not only increased quality and safety at work, it also strengthened relationships with family members. Learning how to praise and correct based on character not only worked on the job, but it also worked at home with their children.

My motives for implementing a character focus in my company were not only to strengthen employee's families but also to reduce turnover and to increase company morale. The character focus did pay dividends to the company, but it was first and foremost a benefit for employees. If I had tried to implement this as a profit tool only, I question if it would have had the same level of success in our business. This is not something we did to our employees, it is something we did with them.

It is my sincere hope that CEO's, government leaders and school superintendents will take advantage of new opportunities for implementing character initiatives in their organization. The organization will be greatly benefited, and each family represented will be strengthened as they are encouraged to put character first.



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