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In June of 1999, Dr. Roy Blackwood, Pastor Emeritus at Second Reformed Presbyterian Church convened a meeting of local community leaders with the goal of implementing a citywide character initiative in Indianapolis. Dr. Blackwood expressed his desire to see a citywide character emphasis in Indianapolis similar to those he had observed in Oklahoma City, OK and in Baton Rouge, LA. This meeting was the springboard for CCI's formation.

Over the next few months, an Advisory Council formed to direct CCI's efforts. The vision grew from Indianapolis to the state of Indiana. Our mission became: strengthening Indiana citizens, their families, and the community by promoting excellence in character.

CCI officially incorporated in February of 2000 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We continue to benefit from the direction of a Board of Directors made up of a group of community leaders. CCI joins organizations in more than 100 cities that have pledged to encourage good character, in association with the International Association of Character Cities.

The current mission is to promote good character in individuals in order to strengthen the family and the community.

Dr. Roy Blackwood

Original Steering Committee



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