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One Man's Story

Tom Hill

Founded by Garman O. Kimmell in 1948, Kimray Inc., a family owned and operated company, has a rich history of service to the petroleum industry and a corporate foundation built by strong personal character.

Like any company in today's world, Kimray has experienced many changes. While developing the quality of their products and processes, attention to the character of their people dwindled.

When drug problems, high workers' compensation costs, high turnover rates, and employee absenteeism forced their managers to spend more time dealing with personnel problems than manufacturing issues, Kimray CEO Tom Hill began to realize that the most significant problems were related to the lack of character.

Waking up to this need, Kimray began to focus on the development of personal character in the lives of their employees. All employment decisions were restructured to promote good character. Character was promoted in employee meetings using definitions, examples, and word pictures to introduce the 49 character qualities.

After only the second year of the character emphasis, Kimray was amazed to see a great increase in morale, a decrease of 80% in workers' compensation costs, and a 25% increase in profits, even though the market was depressed. Today, Kimray employees have more than just a job: they are now representatives of a new way of doing business.


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