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Character in Leadership

A true commitment to character must involve growth in each character quality. Individual qualities are more like different facets on the same diamond - they are all integrally connected.

The 7 Leadership Perspectives
Included with each leadership perspective are their character qualities strengths (and potential weaknesses)

Committed to growth, looks beyond problems to causes, and develops precise solutions for success.

  • Benevolence, Creativity, Discernment, Discretion, Enthusiasm, Faith, Wisdom

Imparts wisdom, maturity, and skill to others; validates direction; and ensures completeness.

  • Dependability, Diligence, Honor, Patience, Security, Self-control, Thoroughness

Sees and meets others' practical needs, frees them to accomplish their goals, and invests time and energy in their success.

  • Alertness, Availability, Endurance, Flexibility, Generosity, Hospitality, Joyfulness

Visualizes final results and directs resources for the successful completion of goals.

  • Decisiveness, Determination, Humility, Initiative, Loyalty, Orderliness, Responsibility

Deeply loyal and compassionate, analyzing the benefits and problems of a given direction.

  • Attentiveness, Compassions, Deference, Gentleness, Justice, Meekness, Sensitivity

Should have unimpeachable integrity, be open to correction, be willing to identify problems as they arise, and speak the truth boldly.

  • Boldness, Forgiveness, Obedience, Persuasiveness, Sincerity, Truthfulness, Virtue

Resourceful, prudent, and thrifty; constantly ensuring the best use of all available resources.

  • Cautiousness, Contentment, Gratefulness, Punctuality, Resourcefulness, Thriftiness, Tolerance


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