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Who We Are

The Character Council of Indiana is a non-profit educational organization made up of community leaders from across Indiana. We are committed to bringing about stronger, safer and more unified communities by cultivating the foundation of good character.

We hope that every citizen will benefit from a discovery or rediscovery of good character qualities. It's our belief that if our children are given fundamental instruction and encouragement to practice these basic qualities, they will become better equipped to lead fuller lives and be able to contribute more effectively to Indiana communities.

We believe that character qualities such as gratefulness, loyalty, justice and determination are key to every person's well-being. Children who fail to learn and develop these qualities while their core values are forming may find it easy to drop their "character guard" and take the easy way out when they face tough situations as adults. Therefore, we must invest in the character development of our children. This will lead to stronger families, healthier communities, and citizens committed to the application of good character.

We recognize the strength that diversity brings to our communities, and how each individual and family contributes to our community's rich tapestry. By reintroducing these core character qualities through a focused campaign, people of every age, position, financial status, race, religion, education, gender, and personality have the opportunity to adapt each quality to their own lives. The study of good character can reach out to and benefit every individual and family across Indiana. The Character Council of Indiana is prepared to come and share proven methods on how to emphasize, require, and recognize good character in business, education, city government and families. Our goal is to serve your community and to assist you in becoming known as a City of Character.


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